Description:      It is a small French pointing breed, measuring 16–21 inches (41–53 cm) at the withers according to the breed standard. They have a typical spaniel appearance, with ears that are located below the eyeline that have fringes long enough to reach the tip of the nose. The body should be well muscled with a broad, deep chest. The only color that the coat comes in is brown, but it may have white markings including a white “star” on the forehead, which some dogs can lose as their adult coat grows in. In addition to the ears; the tail, shoulders and chest should also be fringed with fur. The tail of the Saint Usuge is never docked, and should be long and curved and have a white tip. Temperament described by its French breed club as easy to train, it is an obedient, passionate and affectionate breed. In the field it is suited to a variety of terrains, including swamps, water and thickets; quarry that the breed specialises in includes waterfowl, woodcock, grouse and pheasant.